The weather is hot & the cockroaches are losing... God is good.

The product 'Doom' is infact amazing (!). It kills ants within seconds & cockroaches in minutes (depending on how much you use). If it didn't come in an aerosol can, i'd know exactly how to use my 20kg home... with the hope that it does the same thing to spiders :)

The team are getting well stuck in at their different schools and are getting opportunities to teach in RE lessons. I had the pleasure of visiting one of the schools in the country (Kitti) this week to see how some of the team there are doing (Mark and I are visiting schools once a week each... so we'll try and write about the others at another stage!).

I sat in on a math's lesson that David was teaching and I learnt all about sets! Ugandans respond how they think you would like them to, so whenever David said "Do you understand?" they would reply with "Yes sir" ... but knowing they were probably lying David followed it up with "Are you sure?" and then tested them on it.

Rosie and Sarah were taking the nursery kids who are v cute and quite cheeky, but 1 little guy fell asleep during colouring in!! We've been advised to just leave them for a bit as it might be that they haven't eaten breakfast or something.
The school give out a horrible gruel type stuff (the consistency and appearance of papier mache paste) for a mid-morning snack...aren't those kids lucky!!? but one kid called Moses managed to drop it all down himself -quite a few tears followed, prob due to the heat of it, but i think they take massive amounts of pride in their uniform too - often the one set of good clothes they own.

At lunchtime one of the teachers took us to her house where we met her sister and brother who cut down some of their bananas and avocadoes for us from their back garden. How generous if that?? although it might be the equivilent of having too many apples back in England...and getting so sick of them you give them to whoever comes round. Still, was v kind of her.

After lunch, we went to the playing fields which are about 20 mins walk away. David, Rosie and Sarah were saying they loved this time the best as the older kids (who know more English) get chatting with them.
A girl called Mary is v interested in the Bible, I think she is already a Christian, so please pray that the idea of setting up a CU at the school would work and be a real encouragement to the Christians already there as well as a way to tell others what they believe.

The following took place over a week ago but we just HAVE to add it:
When the guys leave their schools at the end of the day, the kids along the road get v excited and yell out "Bye Mzungu" at the top of their lungs. On this particular occasion, one v small kid was running along trying to keep up with the minibus as he was yelling "Mzungu", He was so enthusiastic he didn't look where he was going and unfortuantly ran smack into a tree!!


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