Holiday club at Glory for Education

Well, it’s the end of term and Sam, Freya and I (Jon) had their last day at school. But before that, earlier in the week, the whole team made the bumby ninety minute journey down to Watuba for the two day holiday club. It had taken a lot of planning but on Monday and Tuesday the whole school were involved in a lot of games, craft and songs as well as four short talks from Mark on the life of Jesus. Some games were more successful than others, although all were hilarious to watch, especially with kids running through a roped assault course and an abundance of water balloons. Everything was helped along by Sam as the MC aided by some silly walks lots of shouting and custard pies.
The talks looked at who Jesus was, what he came to do, what the cross means for us and what the Christian life involves. Each of which was also aided by a dramatized commentary from a dopey Mark and an ever clever Becca, not forgetting attempting to use the kids when acting out Jesus calming the storm. We have had had a constant struggle across the schools (with the exception of Ruth and Freya) of a complete lack of any ability to sing, yet we still managed to get some sort of tune out of the 180 kids at Glory for Education and left to a touching song from the P7 kids.
In other news from Kiti School, Rosie was proposed to by a brother of one of the school kids and Sarah had to name a baby. From Children’s Corner, the decorating of the school has been going very well after a slow start and was aided by ‘Chief’ Valentino and Paul from the street kids ministry team coming to help. There is now a week until the next holiday club at Children’s Corner followed by Kitti with the significant factor of their being around 400 kids to try to organise and speak to!


The week in retrospect.

Not a long post. Massive preparation going on for the holiday club at Glory for Education on Monday and Tuesday.

It has been a good week. People returned from a successful trip to see the gorrillas. Tuesday was my birthday (David) and was amazing. The main thing was a BBQ in the evening with loads of people from church. Absolutely fantastic!

The rest of the week was sad and difficult. Some of us have had colds (some still have) and we were all finishing our time of teaching. Exams next week will mean lots of time with the teachers which will be good.

Not much more to say.

God bless and Rock on!

Hey Kitti, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!!

We are now into the last stages of our time at schools. People at Glory for Education only have one more week of normal teaching.

The last week has been inspired. Last Sunday finished with a visit to a place where they do traditional dancing and singing held together by a story so loose, one tug and it would have fallen apart. The dancing on the other hand was amazing and when you’ve seen men dancing while playing drums balanced on their heads you can pretty much say you’ve seen everything. That is until you see women dancing with nine pots on their heads. The drumming was totally mesmerizing and alone would have been impressive.

Monday consisted of a relaxed morning succeeded by a visit to Ssezwera falls which was okay. They were your fairly bog standard tourist waterfalls consisting largely of water pouring from one height over rock to another. They certainly had little to attract the discerning tourist (opinion of me (David) not everyone in the group!!)

Tuesday was a very exciting day as in the night we had an Earthquake and then Sarah got bitten by a snake later in the day. It was also April fools day!

Thursday held an exciting yet definitely Ugandan evening. We had planned for four teachers from Children’s Corner to come over for the evening. That was fine and dandy but then Rita (a woman from church) phoned in the afternoon to say she had prepared a meal for us (a misunderstanding which meant she had prepared food for eleven extra people). So anyway we split and some stayed with the guests while others went to Rita’s house. (So it was Ugandan in the way it was so chaotic.)

Friday was great fun but you’ll hear more of the Glory/Kitti action in the news from the schools. In the evening we had our first BBQ on our fantastically built barbecue. We invited all the Street Kids workers over and had a fantastic evening.

On Saturday Rosie, Ruth, Freya, Sam and Giles (guest star – just visiting for a week and a bit) deserted us in favour of gorillas. So we had a fairly relaxed and good Saturday despite (or because of!) their absence.

Now onto news from the schools.

Children’s Corner

Life continues at a pace with lots of painting going on with the undercoats practically done they move on to the murals shortly.
Child Evangelism has also changed having been divided into three so that there are smaller groups. Please pray about the changes and that God would guide each of the people leading the groups.


Another week at the old prison (David still!). It’s been an interesting week particularly on Wednesday with Teacher Kenneth doing a talk that was distinctive in its unsound theology (implications that Christians become more good looking once saved). So we had to do some repair work. The rest of the week seems to have been overshadowed by the football and Netball match with Glory for Education.

Match report for Kitti vs Glory football match

Having dominated the whole match Kitti lost due to a big defensive mistake and strikers who would struggle to hit a barn door if they were actually glued to it. The first half was uneventful except for some of the football chants as shown in the title of the post but the second half contained the goal and some fairly awful fowls.

(It’s a short match report I’ll grant you but how many people writing match reports only have a few minutes before the internet will stop working?)

Netball was completely dominated by the Glory for Education girls who were as big as gorillas (only joking) so there wasn’t much competition.

Glory for Education

Spent all their time training the football team, bribing professional players to pretend they go to Glory and giving the team steroids so they don’t have much to say!!

Enough from me