Riots, peace talks and love

Riots – On Tuesday evening a person was killed in the market near Children’s Corner and on Wednesday there was a demonstration which turned into a riot when the police arrived. Apparently it was distinctly unnerving and tear gas surprisingly is really annoying and makes you cry!

Peace talks – This encompasses a lot; first as we have all begun to settle in we have been largely given control of Child Evangelism in the three schools. So at Kitti we (Rosie, Sarah and me (David)) led the Child Evangelism for over 400 kids. It was very exciting. At both other schools they have also led the Child Evangelism but their schools are slightly smaller. We also started the work with street children. On Friday we visited them at the place where they sleep. It was quite an experience. On Saturday some of us went in to Calvary Chapel where some of them come to learn about Jesus and also other subjects as well as getting lunch. Some of the kids (used loosely as some are older than us!) are very cool and most have tragic stories to tell yet are amazingly happy and content. I thought they were very good role models for contentment. Then on Sunday morning the rest of the group went in for a bible study with them which Jon very capably led.

Finally Love – This may have confused you but some of you may have been aware of the awful day which happened on Thursday. We were put through the punishing task of doing something nice for each other. We each put a good deed in a bowl and then each picked out a good deed and a person to do it for. It was very funny as Jon woke (well failed to wake) Becca with Happy birthday, Becca complimented Ruth throughout the day, Ruth sung every time Freya entered the room, Freya washed Sarah’s flip flops, Sarah turned Sam’s pages, Sam serenaded Rosie while Rosie was on the balcony, Rosie complimented Jon throughout the day, I (David) helped Tom win every game he played and Tom made a rap for me. They were highly amusing and many anecdotes could be written but I won’t. (annoying I know)

Much more happened but I can’t remember it!

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