The End Times

Sorry for the delay in posting. Due to poor internet and laziness I haven’t updated the blog in a couple of weeks. As I’m sure you’re aware we return in under week minus Rosie and Sarah who have decided that they want to set up camp at Kitti school for the first 3 weeks of next term.

We have also had excellent holiday clubs, a frustrating street kids’ sports day and an absolutely amazing Safari since last writing.

This next week we say goodbye and the blog is almost over (shed a tear!). The end is nigh as they say and as we come into the end times we need a lot of prayer.

The trip has always been about God and as we reach the end it would be amazing to pray for leaving without too much sadness. Pray that we might have sown seeds here, that God might be working in the hearts of those we have met, that he might change them and that we might see them in heaven. Pray that we can take back what we have learnt about God to England and we might see a difference there. Pray that we will continue to support those out here even back in England.

God Bless and Rock on!


p.s. I’m sorry for combining prayer requests with the post but I think as we reach the end it is important that anyone who reads the posts also know that we need prayer.