Week 5

Time is flying – this is an update on what we have been up to in week 5 of our trip! I (Ruth) hope I can give you a little taste of what we have been up to:

Monday, being our day off, was a trip to Entebbe to sit by Lake Victoria and (in a truly English way) eat a picnic! Some of us decided to go to a Wildlife Educational Centre which sounded brilliant – they saw loads of different animals and got some amazing pictures and videos of monkeys. I’m sure you will all get to see them on our return. Apparently the rhinos were so close to the edge of their enclosure that the guys could reach them and there was a very sleepy lion which didn’t move the whole time they were there. You would think they were the dangerous animals but the group came under attack from a far smaller creature – termites! After a bite or two (poor Sam and Freya) the group got away.

The rest of us (who didn’t go to the educational centre) wandered through Entebbe to the Botanical gardens and found a bench to sit on whilst eating lunch and enjoying the amazing view of Lake Victoria through the trees. We also wandered through the trees and saw black and white monkeys with their babies – our first up close view. It was so tempting to go for a swim as the lake was so beautiful but sadly that wasn’t possible as none of us wanted to catch Bilharzia!

Tuesday meant back to school. We all had exciting weeks planned:

Children’s Corner had a girl’s football tournament on Friday and they managed to lose two matches, win one and draw one which isn’t bad considering the first time the girls had played football was the day before! Julia came in to Children’s Corner with us (Becca, Tom and Ruth i.e. me) on Tuesday and got a great response from the kids – they were so excited to see her! It is incredible to see the excitement of the kids- they love to just sit with you or involve you in their games. Tom was off school on Thursday and Friday being sick which sounded nasty - thankfully he is better now. The kids in his art class all made him get better soon cards with messages like ‘I love you teacher tom’. They missed him a lot! I think they will be thrilled to see him on Tuesday. We asked our Headteacher if we would be able to start up a bible group for the older kids during a lunch hour and she seemed pleased with the idea so please keep this in your prayers.

Glory for Education was great this week. It was really good getting to know the kids better and to develop some awesome relationships. We have also been chatting to the teachers more which is great. Most of the week the school has been building up to the athletics competition, including seventeen laps of the football pitch in the middle of the day! Jon, Freya and Sam have been hacking into the tuck shop and the doughnuts which are absolutely delicious.

Kiti had a great week for new things! A teacher fellowship/ prayer group has started as has a bible club for P6 and P7 – Rosie, Sarah and David were very encouraged at how keen the kids were. Also they had a sports day which had a great atmosphere with lots of cheering and chanting and children went nuts with the camera!

On Thursday we had Prossy, Michael and Robert over for dinner. It was great to get to know them better. After dinner Robert played the drums whilst Prossy and Michael taught us how to do two Ugandan dances – The Calypso and another traditional dance involving a lot of bum shaking! It was definitely an amusing evening where we all ended up giggling! I think we all need to do a little more practise to be able to dance them in the way Prossy and Michael can!

We have found a back route down to Makindye and wandered down on Friday night after dinner. Friday is the market day and as it was dark everything was lit up by candles – it was very beautiful and a little strange to see ladies sitting in the dark trying to sell fruit and vegetables by candle light!

On Saturday half the team went to Calvery Chapel to teach the street children. We taught them practical things like how to wash their hands properly and how to make sure water is ok to drink. It was great to just spend more time with them and get to know them a little better. There was about 30 kids there which was really good. Friday night didn’t happen this week as Andrew (our contact at Calvery Chapel) was still organising it with the kids home (Tigers) so please keep this in your prayers as it was great when we last went and we would love to get properly stuck in.

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