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Our day off last Monday was a great chance for us all to gather our thoughts for another week at school after our great weekend away. Most people used it as a chance just to see more of the city going up to the Namirembe Cathedral or hitting the market…
From Tuesday onwards everyone was busy as usual. For us at Children’s Corner it was a pretty momentous week as we finally got the painting started. We figured that with limited time left in the schools left it was pretty vital that we got it going so stepped over the funding hurdle by buying it ourselves. Our first layer of base coat is up and proudly on display. Still a long way to go with only 16 days left to get it all done…let’s not panic yet! On top of the paint excitement we have been able to get going with extra English lessons for some of the kids, particularly those from Sudan and then a couple of keen P4s. All amazingly exciting!
Work at Kiti is continuing strongly and this week on Thursday we had a riot of an evening with three of the teachers who came over for dinner, Godfrey, Josephine and Rose. We introduced them for the first time to pasta (NOT pastor) and it was great for the rest of the team to put faces to the names we’ve heard so much about.
Glory work also continues to go well with a newly created netball pitch and more importantly a hugely successful 08 Bible Club session on Friday with Jon going through the parable of the paralytic. The netball pitch comes at great time as both Kiti and Glory are training up the ranks for their epic footballk and netball matches against each other scheduled for this Friday.
Today’s Saturday street kid session went well. It was a fairly challenging counselling session where there were some difficult things to hear but it was clearly important that it could be done. Tomorrow morning Sarah is doing a talk to them on Luke 14 v 15-23.
A highlight of the week, certainly for the guys, was the Uganda vs Libya football match at Mandela Stadium on Wednesday afternoon. Our Children’s Corner Cnnections within the Ugandan football scene meant that VIP treatment, not having to pay a thing and being seated among various ex-Uganda players. The 1-1 draw was somewhat a poor show on Uganda’s part but it was a great time had by all nonetheless. Tom even managed to infiltrate another Uganda media by getting his face on the news (much to the school kids delight!).
For me this week has certainly been a highlight, it’s a shame I can’t convey more of it in writing, but hopefully this has given you all a taster! This morning saw the arrival of Giles Witchell (last year’s team leader) so this coming week will no doubt have a few new and exciting variations to fill you in on next week. So until next time, I hope everyone reading this is well. Everyone says ‘Hi’ and sends their love to you all! Becca

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